8 Tools Every Startup Should Use To Get To Beast Mode

One of the coolest jobs around the globe to have right now is to be a startup.  With it, you gain the pleasure of a lengthy yet enjoyable journey of developing a concept into the business of your dreams. But in order to be successful and enjoy the longevity of the business, there are management activities that must be consistently taken care of such as marketing, financial and communication activities.

If you do not have the grace of an angel investor lining your campaign, then startups can experience shortages in budget, time and manpower. However, these days you can locate a well-rounded number of SaaS tools that help every way imaginable so that you can operate your business with efficiency and very little frustrations. This assembled group of tools will very effectively jump-start your startup quickly, keeping you on top of the game and will set your campaign up for optimal growth. You’ll never make it to Beast Mode if you can’t get a handle on some of the most essential tools necessary for business growth.


SEMRUSHIn order for Startups to be successful, they must be innovative. So if that is true, then why would you not need innovative marketing tools? SEMrush empowers founders with unbounded creativity, expanding their abilities beyond the boundaries of conventional marketing techniques. This used to only be possible with an unlimited budget and the employment of an elite marketing agency in order to execute.

SEMrush is a total and complete workflow that empowers the SEO professional in you that you did not know you had. Between the Technical SEO Audit tool and Semantic core collection, you can track the positioning of your website and gain competitive intelligence that will help you to navigate the world of SEO with clarity, precision, and strategy. Not only will you get powerful and insightful backlink audits and analytical reports, but also highly effective ideas for accumulating additional organic traffic directly to your domain name. Now you can get the power of a powerhouse SEO marketing agency pack into a central location-without busting your budget.


PublicFast is a very powerful tool that connects influencers with brands. You simply cannot be effective or profitable without it. If your business model is built around connecting an expansive audience with corporations and brands as an influencer, then the most important component in your business- besides your audience- is the brands you will collaborate with. This marketing tool helps influencers like you develop effective branded social media campaigns.PublicFast

Brands actively seeking influencers flock to this software solution in search of partnerships that will be productive and efficient. This global platform makes it very easy for you to tap into the network, and present your expertise. Once you create an account, your first job is to create a profile. With your profile, you will brand yourself with differentiations and establish your business as a profitable social personality. You also will be empowered to effectively market your personality directly to the brands that are looking for you. This takes out all of the time and expenses with searching and marketing towards brands, while significantly increasing the odds of landing a profitable contract in much less time.


Your website must be visually appealing and easy to navigate in order for your visitors to stay on your page. Content in the form of text simply is not enough to capture their attention beyond a quick scroll and scan. This is an important aspect to consider; the amount of time that visitors spend on your website, as that plays a direct part in the rankings of your page in search engines. If people are only visiting your page for few seconds, the content is believed to be regarded as less valuable and engaging than a website with an average visit of several minutes. That is why having widgets on your landing page, forms and main website is essential and valuable. They break the content into sections, allowing for increased navigation while connecting your social media accounts to your main website in order to provide a seamless experience for the visitor. This results in more engagement, extended consumption, and increased rankings.poptin

But images are not the extent of the amazing services provided by Poptin. The solution also allows you to create popups and lead capture forms that assist with your marketing efforts. Instead of paying separately for adding these forms of marketing to your strategy, this platform combines all the tools you need to develop a powerful and professional campaign to increase traffic and boost your audience size- while staying under the budget.


ZapierWhen you employ multiple online tools to operate your business, and you have multiple processes to monitor simultaneously, it can be very time-consuming and demanding to construct an efficient workflow. Especially if you have to bounce back and forth between different programs in order to compile information. This is a driving reason many startups and business owners go on the hunt for tools to make their workflow seamless. You’ll soon learn if you didn’t know already. Automation tools are very important for businesses because they save time while increasing your efficiency and productivity, but not all automation tools work the same.

Zapier seamless connects all of your apps in a one-to-one platform. It also has built in tools that will help you to identify repetitive tasks and automate them so that they are conducted as instructed. So whether there are email replies or calendar updates that normally take away hours from your schedule, you will now have the ability to systematize those tasks so that they do not require your attention at all anymore. Not only does that make your business more manageable, it empowers you to focus on income producing tasks instead of busy work.


Easel.ly gives you to power to create professional looking graphics that you can share on your website. And not just any graphic. The most informative kind: Infographics. They provide hundreds of different canvases that are designed with visually appealing layouts and colors. All you have to do is insert the information, edit the layout, then save your final product to start sharing it.

You can take virtually any idea or concept you have, and interpret it in a visually attractive image that can be shared on social media. This allows you simplify complex subjects, lay out steps to a process, or explain notable comparisons. It also means that you will create branded content that has the potential to become viral. With a carefully crafted strategic and powerful information, this tool alone will save you tons of money. That is because less of your budget will have to go toward photographers or graphic designers. You also will not have to spend as much on advertising when trying to reach large audiences because if designed well, the circulating viral graphic will do a lot of the marketing for you.


slackSlack is a software solution for managing teams or maintaining communication with outsourced talent. If you have experienced a breakdown in communications with your employees, team, and contractors before, then you understand very well how detrimental it can be. That is why Slack is such an essential tools for business owners and startup founders. Without it, you are doomed to miss appointments, fall behind in development and cause your startup to fall behind before it has a chance to get ahead. Do you need to review the components of a project with your team? Have some questions about the progress of a current marketing campaign? Or do you need to communicate with different divisions in a coordinated effort to finalize the details for a new product launch?

All of these things and more are possible with Slack. The software keeps your conversations organized so that you can easily pick up where you left off in the discussions without losing a beat. Also, it is built with transparency, so that you can visually manage the progress of things without having to spend time following up with inquiries. Overall, communication is key in a business endeavor, and with Slack, you can manage multiple projects, establish a central place of communication and remain productive without having to manually communicate with time-consuming emails or phone conferences.


xeroXero is an awesome tool that can replace QuickBooks or any other accounting software that you may be using. Xero helps you to manage your invoices so that you keep track of money owed to you, and in the case that you choose to factor your invoices to increase your cash flow, you already have an established bookkeeping system that will allow you to be organized and prepared for the process. Also, the software will ensure that when conducting bank reconciliation calculations, you will always have accurate and complete information to make it easy to balance out inconsistencies.

Xero offers a mobile solution to handle all of your accounting needs so that even when away from the office, you can create expense claims, create invoices and even view a snapshot of your cash flow. You will never be caught off guard and have a tight handle on all things related to your business finances with Xero.


mailchimpMailChimp is an email autoresponder that makes it easy for you to build an audience while communicating with them on a consistent basis. The web is filled with people who are searching for information, and as a business founder, you will spend an enormous amount of money advertising your brand and website trying to reach them initially. Do not let your hard-earned money and limited budget go to waste by not establishing a relationship. Instead of just hoping that potential customers will remember you and come back to your site, collect their email address so that you can give them reasons to keep coming back. Even better, once you have their information, you will have an audience that you can market to on demand- without spending any more money.

Whether you are using landing pages to capture prospects interest and contact information or using a newsletter signup form on your website, you need a way to deliver the information and maintain communication with those prospects. With MailChimp, you will always have a way of getting in contact with your audience, offering them incentives and additional information that is valuable to them, so that they see the value in your business.

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