3 Sales Techniques That Will Increase Your On-page Conversions

If you operate an online business, your ROI is the most important figure to pay attention to because it indicates whether or not you are making a profit or operating an unproductive business. In cases where you are looking to increase your ROI, you will need to identify methods that will either decrease your spending or increase your sales. While decreasing your spending would ideally be the most favorable option, the most effective approach involves improving the performance of your website so that it generates more sales.

As marketers and business owners, any weakness in conversions indicates targeted sales techniques are not converting and should be tweaked as a response to address the efficiency of your website’s conversion. These kickass sales techniques will convert more of your traffic into profitable sales so you can get back to enjoying life above the black. Regardless of whether you are using CPC marketing, social media campaigns or video marketing campaigns to draw visitors to the website, you must be able to educate, inform, empower and persuade your visitors to result in increased conversions

Use Content Marketing That Educates

The days of banner and pop-up ads are long gone mainly because they have lost their effectiveness. Thanks to advancements, consumers have ad-blocking technologies that prevent them from seeing the ads, so investing in this method is not that useful right now (There is chatter about changing being made to help marketer’s ads from being blocked). Even more so, people do not like to be “sold”, they are very aware, and conscience of ads, which further decreases the appeal for ads. The negative response to direct and sales-oriented tactics is that the advertisement materials force all marketers to take a different approach in order to communicate with potential customers in a meaningful way.

Adblock usage on desktop browsers continues to grow despite the decline in overall desktop usage. (PageFair)

“Adblock usage on desktop browsers continues to grow despite the decline in overall desktop usage.” (PageFair)

Technology may have eradicated the use of blatant sales ads, but in turn effectively increased the thirst for knowledge and information. Consumers seek value and respond to useful content that informs and educates quite efficiently. That is because the technology era has also created a culture of self-absorption. People respond to content that serves a purpose to their needs and have a direct connection to. It could be a solution to a commonly experienced problem (How-to’s) or the introduction of an innovation that allows for expansion or improvement with exclusivity. In either case, marketers and business owners alike have consistently reported that sales are derived at an optimal level when content marketing strategies are employed!

Content strategies include the constant and consistent publishing of new & fresh content that focuses on empowering the directly targeted audience it serves. The ultimate goal is to synchronize with the potential customer through every phase of the buying process efficiently. In many cases, marketing teams will seek the skills of a professional copywriter to aid in the content conversion process. The purpose of matching your contents to the buyers’ stage is to directly address the objections that standing in the way of the sale, and educate them with accurate & authoritative information; giving them enough knowledge to make a sound buying decision whether from your site or competitors.


You want the customer to feel like they either need to purchase your product or service, or feel inspired to accomplish a goal from the content you offer that acts as a Call-to-Action. The most effective content used to create the sense of need is to propose your offer as one of multiple solutions to a big or common problem. When mentioning the brand, it is done in a subtle manner, which prevents the reader from feeling as if they are reading a sales pitch. Typical, these are found on landing pages or the “Sales Graveyard” and is a technique that has been employed for years. A well-crafted CTA landing page will paint a vivid scenario that hoists the reader into the story. As it unfolds and problems, issues, and dilemmas occur, the storyteller uses the product or service as a means to a solution.

Offer Valuable and Related Giveaways

Again, content is king and just as previously mentioned, you need to address each stage of the buying process in order to optimize your conversions. The stage where potential buyers are easily converted from is the stage where they are comparing value against price and the contemplation of making a purchase. They already want to buy based on the concept of the product or service but need help justifying the price. This can often happen when there are other products or service that they will have to pay for in addition to yours. It is not that your price is expensive necessarily, but the consumer is considering the total amount they will have to pay when adding in additional costs that make their business operate. If you scoped out our secret VIPER growth hack then this should seem familiar.  The 4th hack works on “Economical sense” and what it means to justify your price, whether you are offering an incredibly low price or putting luxury into your brand with a price tag to follow.


For instance, if you market website hosting services, the targeted demographic for this product will also require a domain name, email autoresponder accounts and maybe even a landing page account like Instapage or Unbounce. All of these products or services require a monthly fee in addition to the hosting. The only way to convert from a visitor into a customer is to convince them that the hosting service is not all that they will receive for their money. Even more, the information provided will create a sensible feeling that your services will help them operate their website more efficiently, gain access to invaluable resources, and help them improve an important aspect of their business to get a head start once the website is up and running.

The type of valuable and related giveaways that enhance the significance of your service or product include instructional e-books, educational videos and direct access to professionals that can make the process of building their business more efficient and productive. In the case of any of these types of materials. The ultimate goal is to entice visitors to do one of two things. In the case, where you want to attract sales by building a loyal audience that you can communicate to through email, then use free promotional items in exchange for their name and email address.


The visitor receives the information as expected, and you gain another visitor that you have the opportunity to develop a relationship with. This method not only encourages more visitors to make a purchase in the very near future, but it also creates opportunities to send marketing contents to emails in order to gain repeat sales or eventual sales from people who just needed to get familiar with your company over time. In either case, this is a very effective way to increase your sales for now and in the future.

Create A Customer Reward Program

Your digital marketing and advertising budgets are best spent when they achieve your desired goal. If your goal is to increase your customer conversions, that does not mean that it can only be accomplished by converting new visitors, as aforementioned. Using your budget to market towards your existing customers or those who are on the verge of becoming one can increase your sales dramatically because it builds momentum and loyalty that has already been put in place, but strengthens it with a direct correlation between sales and the promotion itself.


By creating a customer rewards program, you are rewarding your loyal customers and posting your sales at the same time. In addition, your programs require that the customer accumulate a certain dollar amount of purchases in order to qualify for certain gifts or discounts. In doing so, the rewards program encourages customers, who already love your product or service, to make additional purchases that they may not otherwise make.

Where’s the rest?

Regardless of how you choose to increase your conversions, whether it be on/off-page, with or without promotions or opting to create an email drip or not, there are several ways to implement numerous conversion tactics on-page (for example; Why Colors Can Increase Sales). With a page that is optimized with current SEO practices will already increase your SERPs, but those are just to get the visitors to your site.

Once there, it is time to bring out the big guns. Stay tuned for more hacks, tips, and tricks on getting your business to grow like a pair of mating bunnies. If you haven’t signed up for our newsletter, then you are not receiving the secrets that we refuse to share with just anybody. Join now!

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